Our Solutions

Everyone values good health. Accordant's care management programs bring members and their health care providers together to bridge the health care experience.

How Accordant helps Members

Accordant members benefit through an improved quality of life and fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations. They experience less of an impact on social interactions, activities and relationships, and gain better day-to-day coping strategies. They receive vital education, tools, resources, and skills for taking a more proactive approach to their health care.

How Accordant helps Caregivers

How Accordant helps Physicians

How Accordant helps Clients

Accordant's services have proven valuable and often essential for managing the health of high-risk members, who account for some of the highest health care costs in the nation. Because seriously ill members must keep up with numerous doctors, treatments and medications, they require extra care and attention to ensure that their health improves, rather than worsens, from self management related concerns and lack of communication between health care providers. Our registered nurse care managers serve as liaisons and advocates, facilitating relationships between members, physicians, specialists, insurance companies and employers to ensure high-quality care delivery within realistic cost-containment strategies. Our care managers continually evaluate and coordinate treatment progress to make sure members receive the most appropriate care for their individual needs.

Our programs are nationally recognized and accredited. They are backed by the latest evidence-based medicine and clinical standards of practice. We have received patient and practitioner oriented disease management accreditation for 18 of our rare conditions from NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) and are also accredited by NCQA for Case Management. Our 19 rare conditions include:

*NCQA status planned