Member rights

As a member of our program, we hope you will:

  • Follow the care plan we design with you
  • Provide us with the information we need to help you
  • Tell us and your doctor if you do not want to be in our program

You have the right to:

  • Know about our program and the services we offer
  • Know the name and experience of the nurse or other staff who help with your care
  • Share in making choices about your health
  • Be treated in a kind way
  • Ask for a new nurse team or speak to a manager at any time
  • Have your personal and health information stay private and safe
  • Know what we do to keep your information private and who can see it
  • Decide not to be in our program
  • Know about your health, your disease and your treatment options and discuss all options with your doctors
  • Get information that is right and easy to read
  • Know how we work with other companies and your health plan
  • Know when we are open each day
  • Tell us what you like about our program at any time
  • Complain about our program in writing and get a response in 15 working days