NICE® Stories

What does it mean to provide whole-patient care?

The success of the Accordant program comes from one-on-one interactions. Accordant's care management professionals build rapport with members to help them recognize and incorporate personal reasons to practice positive health behaviors. Our interventions are customized to meet members where they need the most support, in a way that helps them to personally optimize their own health. As a result, members are often motivated to recognize signs and symptoms of potential issues earlier, and in turn, better utilize necessary resources to care for their health, which leads to more open conversations with their health care team.

Accordant's NICE® Stories are case story snapshots, designed to provide insight into the many ways our clinical professionals can care for members in the Accordant program – by delivering real results to real people. Take a look, and see how we can help you positively impact your members' health and quality of life.